Insane in the Design Brain series presents 5 Essential Tools for Graphic Designers.

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Every year, new products come out that can help you succeed as a graphic designer. From new laptops, graphic tablets, programs… it makes you think, what do I really need to have to be successful as a graphic designer?

1. A good quality desktop or laptop

Depending on your needs, you will definitely need a good quality laptop or desktop (some people get both). The computer need to be able to handle the workload you will be doing. If you are working more with animation and video editing, having a laptop or desktop that has a lot of memory/ram is beneficial. You also have to look at the requirements that the programs you will be using needs. Don’t forget hard disk space to store your working and final files. …


brittany ranson

I create visual + brand identities for entrepreneurs/businesses through amazing visuals + story telling. I help people understand the design world.

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