What it is and how it benefits your business.

In the business and design world you hear about branding, brand, brand image, and brand identity. Some of the terms are used interchangeably despite having different meanings.

Brand, branding, brand image, and brand identity are like siblings that is part of a family. But we will touch on their differences later on.

Let’s focus on brand identity. What is it?

The Meaning

Brand identity is a collection of ALL visual elements that makes up a brand. This includes the logo, typography, colors, and other graphic elements.

It helps portrays the right…

Insane in the Design Brain series presents 5 Essential Tools for Graphic Designers.

Every year, new products come out that can help you succeed as a graphic designer. From new laptops, graphic tablets, programs… it makes you think, what do I really need to have to be successful as a graphic designer?

Despite all of these new products that come out each year, you don’t necessarily need to buy them. Especially, if they are outside of your budget. Look no further! Here is a list of 5 essential tools that you will need as a graphic designer.

1. A good quality desktop or laptop

Depending on your needs, you will definitely need a good quality laptop or desktop (some people…

brittany ranson

I create visual + brand identities for entrepreneurs/businesses through amazing visuals + story telling. I help people understand the design world.

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